April lament…

Okay, enough is enough! I am exercising my god-given right as a Canadian to complain about the weather. It is April 7 and there were snowflakes during our walk this morning!

Yes, the sun shone beautifully, we did warm up as we walked and talked and I did enjoy myself. But, come on everyone, let’s concentrate for the next week on getting sunshine and warmth together at the same time, eh?

And just so you know what we should be aiming for, the average high in Toronto in April, based on data from 1981 to 2010, is plus 12. Now everyone focus.

While you are doing that, a reminder that the Sporting Life 10K is coming up on May 13th – hope many of you have registered. Also please consider the Toronto Waterfront 10K on June 16 – that is the one with the Lululemon shirt!

We will be moving to High Park on May 5th so let’s enjoy our last weeks at the cemetery.

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