Another Satisfying Saturday Morning

It was hard to know what to wear this morning!  Yesterday was so bitter but  Saturday’s  forecast was mild.  I opted to believe the forecast and dress for mild weather.  While I was a bit chilly on my way to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, I was glad I’d “dressed down? once we started walking.   It was a lovely day!

A little over a dozen walkers met at 8:30, including newcomer Eleanor.  Phyllis, doing 32 kilometres as she trains for a March marathon in Jerusalem, joined us after walking from her home.  Susan B, also putting in a longer distance, walked from west Toronto and caught up with us.  After one loop (6 kilometres), a few of us headed for breakfast where we met Laurel, who is still recovering, and Sue, who had a well-deserved sleep-in.  Gradually, other walkers drifted in after completing another 3, 5, or 6 kilometres.
Although the walk was wonderful, I noticed a slightly poignant theme in some of our conversations this morning.  Many of us have elderly parents or dependant relatives and over the past few weeks, it seems that several members have been dealing with the cares that come with that responsibility.  The distress can’t be minimized but walking and talking with others who share similar concerns helps.  Toronto Power Walkers is a great support group!

PS Totally unrelated to the above, but our Maui walkers sent the first of our many ‘TPW logo on the road’ shots, shamelessly copying ‘flat Stanley’. Thanks Ann-Louise! Its easy for all to participate in. If you are travelling anywhere and training or racing, take a photo of a TPW logo in a way that reflects where you are, to show how we TPW’ers get around! Please send them to Phyllis.

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