Another great walk!

There were 9 of us in the park at 8:30 this morning and, unknown to us, 2 more who had started at 7:30 to complete many more kilometres.  One of us had an injury and awaits surgery so had to curtail her walk to within the park.  Another was recovering from surgery so planned a shorter walk.  In the TPW, walking YOUR distance is what’s important. 
We had heard that the construction on Queen’s Quay was finished so we headed east to check it out.  The day could not have been more perfect.  The lake sparkled and the air was so pure, it was intoxicating.  We noticed a lot of building activity which we assume is in preparation for the PanAm Games.  We met the ambitious twosome in Coronation Park on their way back.  Some of us were thrilled to find the bike lanes along the Quay.

It was great to walk around the Music Garden again without encountering obstacles.  I heard from a Walker how it came to be that Yo Yo Ma built his garden here instead of in Boston.  I was also able to get a diagnosis of my cat’s mental health from another Walker.  The TPW are a prodigious source of information

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