Another beautiful weekend …

My it was lovely. I’m sitting here on my balcony (again) soaking up the last rays of sunshine, thinking of what a marvellous weekend it’s been.

We relocated this weeks walk back to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery due to the Toronto Indy that is running all weekend. I must say that although I’m only 4km away, I can only hear a slight buzz of the race, and the occasional loud motor – but that is pretty normal when you live close to the Gardiner.

So back to the cemetery. I needed to do 19km and it didn’t look like I’d have company for that distance, so I started out from home and walked up there. The streets of Toronto have a very different vibe in the wee hours of the morning. Traffic is lighter, shop keepers are just starting to open for the day, a few stepping out front to see what the world is bringing. The sun creeps up from the east – thank goodness there are plenty of trees along Toronto streets to give some shade to my eyes.

I had 13km under my belt when I met the gang at 8 for a loop of the cemetery. I started to walk with the group for a few minutes, but then I learned a lesson – it’s tough to slow down when you’ve set a pace you’re already comfortable with. So I left the gang behind and set off at my own pace. And that’s one of the nice things about TPW.. I knew that no one would be upset that I bolted ahead because we all know that we’re going at our own paces and with our own goals. The important part is just to show up.

Just as the streets of Toronto are different in the morning, the cemetery in summer is a completely different animal. All the trees are in full leaf, with more shades of green than steps on a Fitbit. A hawk swooped down not 10 meters in front of me! I didn’t see any coyotes, and I didn’t see any rabbits (I wonder if the hawks and the coyotes account for the lack of rabbit sightings?)

And if you’re still with me and this winding narrative, you’ve experienced the winding nature of walking that all gets us to …

The End

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