And the Heat Goes On…..

It is only three weeks until the arrival of Thanksgiving  (I know this because it is my turn to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family) and yet there we were at 8 am on Saturday dressed for the heat and humidity.  
And it did not disappoint; a hot and sunny 24 degrees climbing to +26 degrees by late morning.  I strolled with the group (I wouldn’t want to get heatstroke, after all) enjoying the conversations with different walkers, completely avoiding the fact that in five weeks I will be partaking in a half marathon (what on earth was I thinking when I signed up?).  
I don’t think I have ever been less prepared for a race (though I did purchase a new pair of running shoes in anticipation, so that is something at least.  And what about Scottish country dancing – does that count?).  
I’ve had a busy summer, between wrapping up part-time jobs and doing a bit of travelling (I highly recommend Sardinia, by the way) and the ever present heat and humidity, which just leaves me helplessly couch ridden and unable to conceive of, let alone do, any exercise at all. And still the heat continues.  
But as woefully under prepared for the race as I am (upright and smiling will be my goal), I am grateful for these last bright and beautiful days of summer , for we do know what’s coming don’t we?

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