An invitation to join us…

I usually assume that I am writing the blog for ‘us’, that is, my Toronto Power Walker buddies. But this time I am going to pretend the reader is someone new.
Maybe you are tired of the long hard winter, feeling a bit out of shape and want to find a way of exercising more regularly. You like walking and think being part of a group might help keep you motivated (it does!). You googled ‘walking in Toronto’ and up popped our blog.

You are reading with interest but might have hesitated when you got to the part about meeting early on Saturday mornings. You are saying to yourself ‘Do I really want to get up from my cozy bed to go out in the cold with a bunch of strangers?’

The early hour was my major stumbling block when I was considering taking the plunge. But now I consider it a huge advantage.  I am generally back home by noon, having done something good for my body, with the day ahead of me. In my experience, it really only takes about 3 months for it to become an ingrained habit. These days I am up, dressed and out the door before I really even wake-up.

As for the ‘strangers’ part – we are a great group, if I do say so myself, with a strong tradition of inclusiveness. We include a wide range of personalities, backgrounds and walking speeds so there is almost always someone to talk to and to walk with. Give it 3 months and we won’t be strangers – and it won’t be cold out anymore!

So consider this a formal invitation to come join us next week. 

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