An awesome weekend in Cleveland

Wow, what a weekend!

Rorie, Helen, Laurel, Lorna, Lee, Barb, Mary, Diane, Sue Carol, Suzanne, Shirley, Sherry and Phyllis and a few ‘good men’ traveled to Cleveland. We were joined by Margie and Raine from the Shorethings. We had great weather in a great city, giant food portions (by Canadian standards) and terrific travel arrangements including a super hotel, arranged by Sherry. We even found time to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sherry, as many of you may know, signed up to do the marathon in Cleveland but wasn’t able to train because she was volunteering at the Olympics this winter. Her plan was to walk the half marathon with the rest of us. Somewhere along the way the 21k turned to 30k, and to my surprise when I checked her results… appears that she finished the race in an amazing time –especially for someone who hadn’t trained! She was #1 in her division. In fact, most of our walkers finished in the top 10 of their age/sex division. It was a very walker-friendly event with a decent but small expo…a race that many would return to, I am sure.

Toronto Power Walkers rocked at the Cleveland Rock and Roll ‘Marathon’ – in more ways than one!

In two weeks we have another half marathon that many of our walkers are preparing for, fortunately, located nearby, in Sunnybrook Park. If you’re in town and not racing, come out and cheer!

See you on Tuesday night for interval training, or to show off your medal!

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