Amazing Saturday turnout…

It is getting colder and darker but that doesn’t deter our stalwart Toronto Power Walkers. There were more than 20 of us out on Saturday, including 3 newbies (welcome all). Maybe it was the move to 8:30 (that extra half hour in bed was much appreciated). That said, there was a good sized group who are training for races early in the new year who were out for 7:30am – good on you all!
A small group opted for once around and then off to breakfast – I was one of them. Whatever distance you chose it was good to be out enjoying the fall colours.

Some bread and butter reminders – it is good to cross-train if you can. I have recently joined a gym and taken a couple of classes. These have demonstrated that, although walking keeps my lower muscles in pretty good shape, there is much room for improvement in my core and upper body. And remember that as the temperature drops you will want to wear layers to keep you warm but not too warm. For you new walkers, technical clothing (i.e. that synthetic, wicking stuff) really works to keep moisture away from your skin.

Several of the group are taking part in Lee Scott’s challenge to go without sugar for 21 days (that means no chocolate, wine, cookies or anything with added sugar). I am not participating but am having a closer look at my diet these days (salty fat is my downfall). A little self-denial before the holidays is probably good for all of us. Keep on walking!

Kudos to Helen for completing the NYC marathon this weekend.  We look forward to a full report at our Black and Medals dinner on Nov.25th.

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