Allergies and 10K

As my sister – in- law Joanne drove me into the Rideau Carleton Raceway (the location of the South Ottawa Race Day 10 K race) we both agreed that the 40 dollar taxi quote was understandable.
A sound of a cow greeted me as I exited the car.
Walking into the RCR my nose did an extra twitch and my eyes flooded. I thanked God I had watched the race video and I thanked God for my decision to drop the ½ marathon and do the 10 K instead. Having said all of that by the time I had walked the 10 K race and was waiting for my brother Michael to pick me up in front of the waterfall (located in front of the RCR) I was thrilled to have participated in the 10K race.
The race was a visual and auditory delight.
Colours on the autumn leaves were very visible. In addition to the colours I saw cows, horses, brown and black striped caterpillars, tops of trees arching towards each other and fields of corn.
I was greeted by the sound of a rooster; somewhere after 4 K.  A little under 7 K I was greeted by the sound of geese as they flew over.  Before 8 K the groaning sound of a golfer who was not pleased with his performance caught the attention of my ears.
Added to all of this were the laughter and the warm welcome of the volunteers.
Cheerleaders performed their dance and in perfect precision pointed me in the direction I was to walk. A group of boys in hockey attire provided water. I must say that whoever chose the volunteers for this race deserve a thumbs up.
All throughout the race I had no concern about taking the wrong turn because Justin was behind me driving his bicycle. Given that I did not catch up to a runner until a little around 8 K I was glad for Justins’ company.
On top of all of this I was given the added pleasure (a little under 10K ) of seeing the  lead runner in the ½ marathon pass me and fade into the distance.

Would I do the 10K again? Yes, I would; with every sniffle and sneeze. Absolutely I would do it again.

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