All in One Weekend

While I was walking north on Yonge St.(passing the cemetery) Maggie opened her car window and asked me what was happening. I told her that the cemetery gates were closed because of unsafe road conditions so no one could walk there, some TPWs were walking out side of Toronto  and a group of TPWs were meeting at the cemetery at 8:30 the next day. For those of you new to us this is not an uncommon occurrence and it is cemented in a common understanding .The understanding is that in foul or good weather, inside the city or outside the city, single or collectively we all own our responsibility for walking the distance.
I do not have, other than my own, other people‚Äôs individual narratives but I do have a narrative, written  by Linda and Margie of what occurred the next day, as follows: 
The  people training for Big Sur have been taking hill training on Saturdays so have been doing their “long walk” on Sundays.  The rest of the group has missed them so it was suggested that, since it’s a holiday weekend, those who wanted to could walk with them on Sunday instead of Saturday. The people training for Big Sur (Lee, Mary, Susan, and Judy) met at 8:30 to walk 4 1/2 circuits of the cemetery (28 km). 

Lee arranged to leave a  note at the cemetery entrance with the timethey  passed and an arrow showing the direction they were walking.  Barb joined them after their first circuit.  She was hoping  to do 2 
circuits for the first time since her operation but found that she needed to stop after one.  She sensibly retired to the restaurant and waited for the “one-circuit” group to join her.  That  group (Laurel, Diane, Sue, Margie and Linda) joined the Big Sur group for circuit 3. There was lots of appreciation expressed for the opportunity to sleep in. The weather was spectacular – sunny and very pleasant.
As I read the narrative e mailed to me I felt happy that the cemetery had  opened the following day  and everyone  (during this weekend) walked the distance they either set out to do or felt comfortable in
doing. By the time I had completed my 18 K on  Saturday, my socks were soaked, my leggings and coat filthy from the spray of trucks and my glasses speckled with bits of dirt. You think I had walked through
some type of dirt trail. 
Though I did not like having to throw everything into the washing machine there were pluses.  I liked the
route. It started from Yonge and St Clair, north on Yonge St., right just before the 401 east onto  Lord Seaton Rd.and  back.  I also liked that several of the city blocks up in that part of the city were lengthier than the city blocks south in the city. In terms of washrooms I experienced  the Shell gas station just
before the 401 east as very walker friendly . Even though I must of looked like drenched waif the reception was warm and directions to the washroom provided to me immediately.  The washroom was very warm,
located inside the store (good safety factor)  and extremely  clean.

So congratulations to all of us who were out there this weekend ; in foul and good weather, for long distances and short ones, single and collectively we walked the distance.

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