Alex and Ela’s Socks

This is a story about community , Alex and Ela’s Socks. 

My husband Alex, during the week of the Disney marathon, made a commitment to complete a 5 K training program. Ela, just before we flew out of Florida,  gave him his first new pair of walking socks. As his wife, I knew that the moment he accepted Ela’s gift he had sealed his commitment. I knew without a doubt  that he would join a walking training programme and complete 5 K.

Last week my beloved told me to let the TPW group know that his brother, friend and himself had joined a walking group and that they had (with the group) walked more than  5K;  8 K to be exact . Having been unable to find a 5 K walking group that they all could attend Alex and his walking buddies signed up for a 10K walking program and are in the process of completing it.

Shortly after giving me permission to inform the group of what he had done, I asked my beloved why I was unable to influence his decision; why, after much urging by various members at the Disney marathon, he reversed his decision and decided to join a walking group. To summarize the answer to the why question : love is blind.

What ? I will repeat myself : Love is blind. Connect the dots you plead. Gladly, say I.

It turns out that I, the wife, am supposed to think that he is capable of all things good (this is the love is blind thing). Ela on the other hand is, beyond the TPW radar, a stranger to him. She is also a stranger who, in his mind, has completed marathons within a certain moral code he possesses i.e. she does not cheat.  So when Ela gave him the socks she, the person who walked the distance and cannot be blindsided by him (because she does not love him the way I the wife love him), was telling my Alex that in her opinion he could walk 5 K. If she did not believe this (so goes his thinking) she would not of given him the socks.

Sometimes, just sometimes the distance walked by those we love is totally not our doing.  Sometimes  it is all about random acts of kindness, gatherings and belief not provided by ourselves yet accepted by our beloved as a truth.  Sometimes it is all about community;  a community built on kindness , gatherings and beliefs of empowerment such as we have at the TPWs.

So there we have it …the story of Alex and Ela’s Socks

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