“Just Walkin” In The Rain…

…Getting soaking wet!?  I’ll bet Johnnie Ray wasn’t thinking about rain like Saturday morning’s deluge.  (This reference will mean nothing to our younger members.)
Six intrepid women showed up at High Park in the downpour at 8AM.  We all had the same story.  “I was already dressed when it started so I thought I might as well come for breakfast.?  We talked ourselves into a short walk first – down to the lake to say good-bye for the season, a short walk westward and then back to the Grenadier for breakfast (although Susan tried to get us to walk a little further.)  In that short time we all managed to get extremely wet!
The most cheerful sight along the beach was the six bright rain jackets of the walkers.  A runner offered to take our picture.  
We wished for some good weather for our friends walking the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. on Sunday.  Hurricane Sandy seems destined to hit the Northwestern US in the next few days and the forecasters are unsure where the surge will hit.  Let’s hope not the Potomac!  We also hope their planes get them home on time.
It looks like Sandy might also cause quite a storm in Toronto on Tuesday or Wednesday, just in time for Halloween.  Trick or treat!
See you next week at Mount Pleasant Cemetery for an 8:30 start.

Update from Washington – Great race, in fact we had warm weather all weekend and not a drop of rain until Sunday night. Rorie and Rosemarie practically danced their way from the Mall, across The Bridge, through Crystal City and to the finish line at the Iwo Jima memorial. Kathryn, Ela, Helen and Phyllis all completed the marathon – passing each other and waving along the way.  I walked with Ela for the first 8 miles, caught up with Helen and we walked the Mall and across The Bridge together for about 5 miles, and then went on to finish the race on my own.  Everyone knows that sometimes I just need to get out there and WALK.
Rorie and I are back. Helen and Shirley are likely stranded until Weds.  Ela was planning to be a tourist and return on Weds, so she just might be a wet tourist! Kathryn, Rosemarie and David are probably fine as they were taking the bus home. 

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