Adieu High Park (next weekend!)

This coming weekend will be the last weekend of this season that TPWs will be walking in High Park.  It appears it is time to say adieu to High Park.

Our coats (see the picture) mirror the paint box colors of leaves dressing the trees.   It is, in my opinion, a beautiful autumn group picture of those present for the walk.  

Together we  walked once around the park before separating into two groups. Some of us did a second loop around the park and the rest of us walked south to the waterfront and headed east.

Taking some liberty I will briefly describe what we collectively and separately saw.   We saw WOW walkers walking  up and down the hill; dogs greeting other dogs;  animals in the zoo sitting peacefully ;  children being held; babies being pushed in their carriages; couples walking arm in arm; swans nodding their heads as if to say goodbye; geese flying by above us honking with that “ I’m out of here? urgent pitch  they can get; waves flapping the shore line; water glistening and the wind twirling the leaves around and around  before allowing them to rest on the ground.

 We who have walked the distance are familiar with the above sights. We also know that soon our breaths will cloud the morning air and ice will be dressing the trees. We know that soon the remaining birds will bury their heads in their wings to stay warm. We know that soon the sights of children being held and babies being pushed in their carriages will, for the most part, be absent.  Soon… but not yet. 

For now we still have time to greet the diversity of sights High Park has to share with us. So come next weekend for the last TPW walk this season in High Parkand when you have walked the distance quietly whisper,   “Adieu High Park?. 

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