Where We Meet

We walk at varying paces for varying distances according to our training plans, the weather, and personal goals.


We usually meet the ‘mailbox’ at Rowanwood and Cluny in Rosedale @6:30pm. BUT during COVID we are meeting at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  @ 4pm.

In the spring/summer for a few weeks, we do hill training at Sherwood Park (Sherwood Ave, east of Mt. Pleasant).  Check the TPW Calendar  for the most up to date details on where we are.


We meet at 8:30am @ Mt Pleasant Cemetery, just inside the Yonge Street gates (November to early May) – even during COVID! If it’s really icy or very very cold, we could walk in other places like Yorkdale mall or along the downtown PATH (if they were open), or stay safe at home, and maybe even find a YouTube yoga video to do.

We usually meet at 7:00am and 8:00am at the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park (Early May to late October) – In 2021 we are STILL not officially walking from High Park as parking is closed, as is the Grenadier Restaurant! 

Some of us will be walking the Pan Am Path summer 2021, in segments. Check the TPW Calendar if you want to join us.

Check the TPW Calendar for this week’s distances.

Come and join us!