A Week of Food with Toronto Power Walkers

On Sunday, as you’ve seen in last week’s blogpost, we spent time together working on our form with Lee Scott and then off to breakfast in a pub in Bloor West Village.  I heard about travels from both ends of the table.  We hatched a plan to eat more Indian food.
On Tuesday, Susan and Lee were waiting at the mailbox and the 3 of us completed the circuits that we suspect Phyllis just randomly makes up.  Then to our “local? for a pub supper.  Laurel joined us and we caught up on her news.
On Thursday, about a dozen of us met at Holy Blossom Temple to serve guests at “Out Of The Cold.?  The music, the food, the genuine regard of the guests for one another and for the servers made it a sincerely warm experience for both volunteers and guests.  And the salmon looked delicious.

And then Saturday, back to the cemetery for a really pleasant walk in the sunshine.  I had to miss breakfast but I’m sure it was a companionable meal, as always.  

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