A week in the life of a Toronto Power Walker….

The last week was a very full one for TPW and I want to reflect on how it characterizes the best of what we are and do.

Last Saturday many of us volunteered to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity. With the notable exception of a few (that would mostly be you Laurel), we were an unskilled lot but game for whatever we were asked to do. We lifted, we hauled, we passed, we held, we hammered, we swept. We also laughed, chatted, problem-solved, moaned about our cold toes and the horror of using the port-a-potty (which wasn’t really all that bad) and, at one point, we even did a little aerobics routine. And wonder of wonders, we actually raised a wall with only one injury (poor Ela’s finger – ouch)!

In true TPW fashion, we worked hard as a team, kept our sense of humour and did something we could all be proud of.

Then, on Tuesday we gathered together for our annual end of season social at Harbord House Restaurant, our much appreciated sponsor. We were there in force, almost 30 strong, bearing our medals from the past year. It was great to see some old friends who, for various reasons, haven’t been out in awhile and to meet some new ones (welcome to our newcomers). The executive team (Sue, Laurel, Phyllis, Carol and Helen) made sure the evening ran like clockwork – nibblies, a slide show of the year’s highlights, info on upcoming races and a goodie bag (I love my magnetic flashing safety light and intend to wear it to holiday parties!). All that and sound finances that will allow us more exercise sessions with Barb G in the New Year.

We really showed how TPW combines fun, motivation to keep fit and the company of smart, committed and caring woman … and a few good men.

Then on Saturday a group of us were back at the cemetery for our regular, winter routine maintenance walk. Newbie, Margie, had an appointment so we collectively sacrificed our intended goal of 10K to do once around with her. (Okay, okay, maybe ‘sacrificed’ is a little strong…) There was a real bite in the air but the sun shone for the duration of our walk. Breakfast was as delicious and convivial as always.

So, over the last week as a member of TPW, I had the opportunity and encouragement to exercise, do something worthwhile for others, have fun, and interact with a group of incredible women … all for $50/year. What a remarkable organization.

And it doesn’t end there. A reminder that Sherry is hosting brunch on Dec. 19th. Reserve the date. Details to come.

PS from Phyllis: Incredible is a terrific word to describe the support the Goofy walkers received at High Park. We were pleasantly surprised to start out with nine of us walking the Lakeshore. We ‘lost’ a few along the way, but it was great to have Denise and Fiona, Rorie, Jackie, Mary and Bev, keeping Ela, Susan and Phyllis company for part of our 30k walk. James kept us company for the exciting section of the Lakeshore, east of the Westin, and back.

We were thinking of Helen who walked the distance by herself on Friday so she could have a few days at the cottage. We were also missing Lorna who planned to do her long walk closer to home. We have less than a month to the big race…I can’t wait until we get past Dec 18th, when we have to walk 35k! Then we’ll begin to get excited for the race… See you next week at the Cemetery!

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