A View from the Back of the Pack

Twenty-two people walked around the cemetery; all of us TPWs. It was cool and without rain.
I was at the back of the pack.  My ongoing saga of recovering from a virus I will not bore you with, except to say it was great walking the distance with someone.
Fading at one loop around cemetery, I went for breakfast. When those who went around the loop twice entered the restaurant, they were energized and the room full of conversations.
One of the TPWs accompanied me at the back of the pack. We reached back into our histories of about fourteen plus years and exchanged conversations about our very first marathon. When I was at the restaurant a very new member joined me and I disclosed to her information regarding our history and training.
That’s the beauty about this group. There is always something to contribute, to learn, to reminisce. This is true whether in front, middle or the back of the pack.

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