“A tree falls…”

We were a small group that met at 8am on Saturday. We thought this was because the majority arrived at 7am  in order to avoid the anticipated heat, but that wasn’t the case, apparently.  Even fewer had met at 7.  Now that summer is here, it’s a busy time for people, with lots of commitments for other things.

I was in a sober mood that morning because a young man had been killed in my local park the night before.  He was sitting under a tree with his wife when a branch broke off and fell on top of them, killing him and injuring her.  Death by tree – what an arbitrary, extraordinary and tragic event!  Who would imagine it? But there it was; life at its most unpredictable.  We walkers enjoy the trees wherever we walk; we love their shade, their blossoms, their variety and their majesty.  And so I remind everyone to enjoy these summer days, enjoy all your days, because we never do know when a tree will fall.

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