A terrific week for TPW

Before I describe our walk on Saturday, I want to comment on our fantastic dinner at Harbord House (our sponsor, as well) last Thursday night.

Over 25 of us gathered with clanging medals to celebrate our amazing first year as TPW. While many of us were together at Jeans Marines, it’s hard to believe that only a year ago, we launched Toronto Power Walkers. Since then we have come up with a name, a logo, a hat and T-shirt, a blog and a private Google group! What will we do for an encore? Based on the results of the survey completed that night, we’ll have some ideas to share in the new year.

We talked about our upcoming races (see full list in the Google group files section) with many participating in the Resolution Run, Robbie Burns, Chilly Half, Around the Bay (relay?), Harry, Sporting Life, Cleveland and Toronto Women’s Half – all before the end of May 2010. We are planning a TPW road trip to Cleveland. Sherry will help us coordinate that.

We had 15 walkers out on Saturday at Mt Pleasant Cemetery. Chilly and damp weather was probably the reason why we walked so fast! Before long we heated up, and so did the weather. We’re walking 6-12km these days – one or two loops of the cemetery.

This weekend, and the first weekend of every month, we will be meeting at High Park @ 8:30am to walk and eat breakfast. We hope that it will be easier for our west end walkers to join us. It won’t be long before we are there every week – but let’s not rush the winter. If you have never walked in High Park in the winter you are in for a treat – but make sure you have your ‘treads’, as it is quite hilly, and not as well plowed as the Cemetery. We heard that you can buy some treads at Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought mine a few years ago at New Balance.

On last note – on Sat. Dec 19th we have been invited to breakfast at Barb’s house hosted by her, Sherry and Mary following our walk at Mt Pleasant. Please RSVP to tpw@rogers.com.

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