A team effort

Last week, I offered to stand in as blogger for Diane who went to a land of warmth to visit her “otherâ€? friends this past weekend.  I woke up Saturday with a dry throat so with sincere thanks to Carol – my spy on the ground – here’s the blog.
Fourteen people turned up on Saturday, including our newest prospective member, Tia.  Linda, still injured, joined everyone for breakfast. 
Unlike last weekend, when we gingerly tiptoed across black ice and some gave up after 35 minutes, this weekend half of the group went once around and the others did their longer distances.  No ice, lots of sun and lovely weather!
Spring races were the topic of the day and there was lots of chatter about who is committed to what race.  Take a look at the website and choose your race(s).
Sorry to have missed the walk and the group, but hopefully, we’ll see you Tuesday night with the “Tuesday Night Keenersâ€? at 6:30p.m.  Remember to send an email to tpw@rogers.com if you would like to be added to the Keeners’ weekly email reminder.

Note from the Sunday walkers

When I met up with Mary, Philippa, Judy, Sherry, Sue S.,Shelley, and Liz, the first words I heard were…oh no, 21k, we’re dying from the hill training on Saturday.  The only one who was cheerful and in fact insistent on the full 21k was Sue S. who missed the previous day’s hill training. 

We tried to focus on determining and improving our pace, but really, these were just games to wile away the time and distance as we walked. The weather continued to be phenomenal, sunny and warm, definitely atypical for early February. We walked around the cemetery three times, and no one complained when my ‘Garmin’  registered only 20k, not even Sue.

While Chilly is 4 weeks away, and is only 21k, we will be ramping up the distances because Around the Bay is 30 kilometres, and is only 7 weeks away. Racing 21k at Chilly will seem like a rest week for our Big Sur walkers. 

Toronto Power Walkers definitely WALK THE DISTANCE!

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