A salute to the end of summer…

Hard to believe that we are getting to the end of this long, hot summer. Saturday gave only the slightest hint that fall is around the corner. When the 7:00 gang, including a newbie (Wai Yin) started out there were several complaints about chilly hands but that soon disappeared as the sun and exercise warmed us up. The gang split into East and West – my pal Sue and I had a firm map in our heads of our Eastern 16K route and the washrooms along it (a major consideration in walking long distances). On our return trip we met up with both the 8:00 gang and those in the 7:00 gang who were doing longer distances. By then it was summer-time hot and we were looking forward to breakfast. Back at the Grenadier, after completing almost 17K and feeling satisfied with ourselves, we joined Carol, Laurel and Margie and chatted about this and that. 

As walkers trickled in and others left, I reflected for a moment on the rhythm of our walking year – winters at the cemetery, Tuesdays doing intervals or hill training, summers at High Park, races throughout the year. We grumble sometime but, in truth, I think we all love it – I know I do.

This Tuesday we will be back at Sherwood Park but for a longer walk with only a few hills (hooray!). You can park either near the pizza place where we eat or at the park. We will meet at the corner of  Sherwood and Yonge at 6:30pm.

On Thursday, walkers signed up for Lee’s class meet at the Yonge Street entrance of  Mt Pleasant cemetery at 6:15 pm (sharp). Parking is available in the cemetery gates.
Remember the garage sale is coming up on Sept. 15 at Carol’s. Our charity is Women’s Habitat and their mission is ‘to provide a safe refuge, counseling, support and advocacy for women and their children who are fleeing violence; while also working towards a more equal society where the inherent value of all women is acknowledged and celebrated’

What a perfect organization for the Toronto Power Walkers to support, eh?

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