A rather leisurely Saturday walk

There were only five of us at High Park at 8:30 on Saturday.  Our cohorts were walking the Waterfront 10K.  We decided to walk west to avoid the crowds associated with the race.  For most of us it was the first walk of the season through the butterfly gardens along the western lakeshore.  Our pace became unusually leisurely as we enjoyed the scenery we’d missed.  We commented on all that we saw.  I convinced the group that the gazebo was the 10K turnaround.  Oops!  We’d have had to walk once around the park to make that true.  So we may not have had a robust fitness walk but watching the yachts and walking through the farmer’s market at Humber Bay was certainly a great mental health break.
Here are a few photos of some of us at the race, including one person who didn’t even register for the race, but came by to cheer, take photos and walk with us for a little. Out racing were Phyllis, Sue, Sherry, Diane, and Dianne. Helen and Shirley were volunteers at the ‘back of the pack’, where most of us were anyway! Great race in our ‘backyard’.

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