A Rainy Saturday

I just read that Mr. Rogers wished he hadn’t named the postman Mr. McFeely.  He didn’t realize how many child-unfriendly jokes that would cause.  It was his own middle name.  How did I come across this important bit of trivia?  By scrolling through Facebook.  This is what happens when it rains on Saturday!
I was pleased with myself on Saturday morning.  I got home quite late from TIFF on Friday night but I set my alarm and forced myself out of bed when it went off.  I looked out the window at the rain, checked the weather forecast and decided that walking was possible.  I have the gear!
When I got to my car, I discovered that one of the doors had not been fully closed and the internal light had been on for 3 days, draining the battery.  By the time the tow-truck driver arrived with my boost, I’d lost the will to “get out there.?  Instead, I came back in, took a nap, and have spent far too much time looking at screens. 

This story has no moral; it’s just what happened.  See you next week!

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