A Race To Consider

On the 28th of July 2018, I went to the Toronto Carnival Run. It was delightful.
The children ran first and we waited for them to return. The hugest cheer was for the last child.
Those who signed up for the 5K ( I was one of them ) followed a few minutes after the 10 K started. This gave plenty of time for me – as a walker- to complete the race within the time provided.
All the markings giving directions where to go were in place. They placed pylons in every conceivable place that there could be a detour from the route. A warm-up occurred before the race and there were plenty of friendly people. I, for the first time, had a tattoo painted on my arm ( oh, the wild side). My husband said it looked like a butterfly but it really was a picture of the mask on the medal provided.
West Indian music greeted the ears and of course, there was the beautiful view of the lake.
I think this is a race we should consider walking the distance. I enjoyed it immensely.
On another walking note – remember next Saturday at the Sunnyside Pavilion pool.

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