What a beautiful day! The humidity finally lifted making many of feel alive once more. Who doesn’t want to walk when the air is clear and the sun is gently shining? I haven’t felt this free in quite a while.

It made me realize how much the weather can affect our moods and behaviour. I have become a slave to my weather app. Will it be too hot to be outside for long? Will we get soaked if we go out too early? Will I risk a fall if it becomes icy or the snow starts to melt?

I do not remember caring this much about the weather – or the climate — as a younger person. Perhaps that is because the extremes did not seem actually dangerous. If it was too hot (I knew no one with air conditioning), you went to the movies. Remember the signs that looked like ice melting? “It is Cool in Here!” they proudly stated. And it was.

Coming in from a long walk in the cold felt so comforting. The warmth was a gift. It almost made the frost-bitten toes seem worthwhile.

I love open water swimming, but I always check on the E-coli count at each Toronto beach before I head out. Will I get sick if I don’t pay attention?

Now I wonder if ignorance IS bliss. Climate change tells us that we may not have been paying enough attention to the signs around us. But weather is only weather. Let’s try to enjoy all of it. What doesn’t kill us…

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