A Perfect Saturday Morning


On a perfect Saturday morning some of our group met at Diane’s and walked to the Brickworks – and from there into the ravine.  It was a good change from our now usual Cemetery walk, and it was topped off by a pleasant meandering through the market at the Brickworks and special treats to end the walk.  It was yet another reminder of the treasures in our city and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy not only the shade in the ravine itself but of course, the great company.  Lots to catch up on as we all start to venture farther afield in our travels both locally and afar.

Inspired by this latest adventure we talked about replicating this walk, perhaps parking at the Brickworks itself before heading out.  This would enable us to buy more items at the market to take home!  More to come on that possibility.  And next week, Saturday Aug 6, we’ll be meeting at the Cemetery as usual, at 8:30 a.m.

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