A Message to Snow and Ice

Yesterday the ice covered by snow and what was visible made for verrrrrry cautious walking.

There was no discussion at the breakfast table about global warming. There was no discussion at the breakfast table (at least when I was there) about how the weather should adapt to our needs and our wants. None whatsoever
Prior to our walk yesterday, two of our members drew maps in the snow pointing to a location related to the charity walk they were in that evening. The walk was for the homeless called the Coldest Night of the Year.

This is the particular quirk about our group. We learn what to do at our own individual paces and then we individually, act on it. So it was of no surprise whatsoever that some member after walking with the group (by the way 16 people turned out) saw the ice conditions and lowered their distance and no surprise whatsoever that others after doing one round went for a second round.

I have no doubt that this morning in the snow there are those expanding on yesterday’s distance. I have no doubt that this morning other of us, beverage in hand, are looking at the snow falling knowing that some of us are out there walking. I have no doubt that this morning someone is writing up for the blog an entry about the charity event for the homeless that was walked last night.

So snow, ice,  I say this: Do your best, but you will not keep us down because we walk the talk and talk the walk. 

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