A Message for the Newer Walkers

Though there is no snow, I would suggest a quick review of Rories’ tips- left side of the blog –  on walking in the cold . They can prevent a lot of discomfort. 
Quite a few of us are walking the Resolution 5 K race. It is lots of fun and a nice time to gather before the New Year sets in. 
After that a few TPWs – in 2016 – will be off to the Robbie Burns.  Again don’t be shy. If you want to come speak up and join us. 
It is understood that, given the time of year, there is plenty to do. In the business of the season some of us may have to forego our walks.
Can’t make the walk but can make the breakfast, then come for the breakfast. We enjoy the company. 
Don’t forget about our annual get together when we renew our membership. This year, it will be on January 30th at Carol’s house, after our Saturday morning walk.

The above are just a few things to look forward to with the TPWs and if you have not already been officially welcomed then consider it done now. 

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