A lovely time was had by all!


TPW is fortunate enough to have some members (not all –it’s not a requirement for membership) with backyard pools.  In the Time Before Covid, we had lovely annual pool parties at R’s house where her husband, a good friend to the TPW, barbequed burgers for us on the Sunday after the Midsummer Night’s Race.  We’ve missed that race and that party!

But happy days are here again.  Another member with a pool invited us to come and swim in hers after our walk this Saturday.  The weather was perfect.  How lovely to hang about on a pool noodle and chat! The hostess provided a lovely lunch on her patio.  The person who created the birthday hat had a chance to wear it while we sang and then there was cake and gelato!  Could a better time be imagined?

This group or parts of it have been together for over twelve years.  It’s very satisfying to enjoy our traditions with one another.

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