A lovely Fall Walk

After training every week at High Park since the spring, it was nice to get back to Mt Pleasant Cemetery. We had a decent turn-out despite some of the regulars being out of town or unable to join us.

Sherri, Lynn, Susan, Deb, Diane, James, Carron and I walked briskly for one loop of the cemetery. No need to go too fast….or too far. What a pleasant change. We all had places to go and things to do afterwards, so we passed on our weekly communal breakfast. I understand that we are still seeking an affordable, hospitable, nearby venue for breakfast, so I am sure if you know of one, we will be willing to try it out. The season is just starting!

If you haven’t been out for a while on a Saturday…now is a good time to get out there…we’re walking shorter distances until at least January. For most of us, the next ‘race’ will be the 5k Resolution Run…. definitely do-able by all of you.

Good-luck next week to Rorie, Helen and Phyllis on their half marathon in Niagara on Sunday. Given Rorie and Helen’s busy schedules and inability to adequately train, I think it will be a ‘stroll-athon’ that ends at Niagara Falls. You still get the same medal – regardless of how long it takes you.

A few more weeks of Tues and Thurs walks.. come out if you can. We’re walking every Saturday at 8:30 from the Cemetery, come join us and walk the distance!

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