A lovely ‘stroll‘ on the Lakeshore!

Imagine that…it wasn’t raining on Sat. morning when we assembled at High Park!!

Approx 16-18.5 walkers assembled at 7:00, 7:15, 7:30 AM to walk between 10k-21k. As you can see we are walking different distances (training for a full, a half or just out to walk) and at different times (so it seems). It may seem confusing but in fact, it gives you so much flexibility that you are bound to see one of us out on the Lakeshore on any Sat. morning. Be sure to stop in at the Grenadier for breakfast to catch up on what everyone is up to!

The ‘half’ walker is a new blond guy, Marty, who is very friendly, well behaved, loves to walk along the waters’ edge and chase birds and squirrels. I forgot to say that he has 4 legs! Mary had to work quite hard to keep him from jumping into the tantalizing lake.

Others, I have heard were out walking on their own in other near and far locales. We expect that will happen more as we head into summer.

This week will seem strange with a holiday mid-week for Canada Day. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be taking a long weekend. Try to come out walking on Tuesday and/or Thursday as well as next Saturday. Details about distances and speeds are listed on the side.

Enjoy Canada Day and keep on walking!

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