A Great Day

What a wonderful day we had last Saturday as we gathered together, for the first time in a long time, to walk in the ScotiaBank virtual race.   Our teams met in front of the Hotel X at 8:30 in the morning but before we left for the waterfront starting point, the walker we were fundraising  for spoke to us.  It was so moving to hear her speak of what she has learned about her illness and for her to share that understanding with us.  For her to find meaning in a terrible experience and educate us with information and knowledge.  For us to know that the money we raised will go a small way to help scientists discover more about this little understood disease.  It was such an inspiring and beautiful way to start the day.

As we began the race, some people walking east, others west, the weather was cool and rough with great gusts of wind blowing across the lake, sending white capped waves crashing across the breakwater, but it was warm in the sun and all the colours of fall swirled madly around us.   Off we went, challenging each other to keep up the pace and warming up quickly.  And afterwards, as walkers returned in twos and threes to our starting point, we joined each other sitting on the grass in the sunshine and enjoyed each other’s company in the aftermath of a race well done.  Best of all (I say) were the delicious homemade treats  and the friendship that we shared  amongst each other – thank you all so much for that.

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