A gorgeous weekend for walking

Saturday was Harry’s Spring Run Off and the weather obliged. It was sunny and cool – perfect for a race. Sue, Ann and I volunteered and Linda, Margie and Helen participated. We volunteers were appointed to the illustrious position of Security, complete with official black T-shirts with ‘security’ boldly printed on front and back. We had to be careful not to let the power go to our heads.

Despite the title, our jobs were pretty much the same as last year – matching up bib colours with the right corrals and making sure everyone was pointed in the correct direction. Some special moments – one women came up to me, looking a bit confused at the hoards of people (something like 5000 I heard). She said her son was in the race and where did I think she could find him (I confess I laughed and wished her the best of luck). I enjoyed watching all the little kids who ran both in the 5K and in the new kids 800 metres.  And, as always, I loved seeing the elites come in looking as effortless as gazelles.

Next up is the Big Sur race – our thoughts will be with those participating. After that we should all be back together at the cemetery for a bit and then on to High Park as the distances get longer.

Hoping to see a few of the gang out at the Yonge St. 10k race in April and a whole bunch of TPWs at Sporting Life 10k in May (just a reminder, if you got a gift certificate for Sporting Life, it expires on April 15th).

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