A glorious weekend for a race…

On Saturday morning, a group of ten met at the Cemetery at the most civilized hour of 8:30am (then again, some of us are certain to be on time by arriving half an hour early). We enjoyed a short 6k or so and breakfasted, musing about a variety of subjects. Then, the focus turned to our fellow walkers and the races each was doing next day. Plans to cheer along the way were formalized.

Sunday dawned as beautiful as Saturday – a race day to remember as Mary, Rorie, Lorna and Susan B, all finished the marathon with PBs. Fiona and Shirley completed the half marathon. Our entire group looked really strong as they passed – we are really proud of their achievements. (Check out the photos, here and posted earlier.)

Here’s an excerpt from Lorna’s thoughts on the race. “The day was perfect for the marathon…with beautiful weather and a really pretty race course. Unfortunately I found that the organization of the race wasn’t all that great. In some places on the course there were no markers to guide us and no one to tell us where to go. Where they did have volunteers, they did a great job and they were very helpful and supportive.?

A group of us were stationed between Eglinton and Davisville – Barb DL, Carol, Sherry, Jackie, Janet D and Sue C – we cheered as Mary W, Rorie, Susan B., Lorna, Shirley and Fiona (with her personal cheerleader, Klara) passed, everyone looking strong. Rob (Barb’s main squeeze) gave us a high five as he breezed by. Also on hand – Bev and Ron at Davisville, Diane on Rosedale Valley Road, Lee on the Lakeshore below High Park, and of course, at the finish, Stuart and Stephanie (Rorie’s cheering squad), Susan B’s husband Alex and son Michael, plus those who waited for our group to arrive – Barb, Fiona, and Phyllis (who combined her training with providing company for Rorie, for 32k).

To all, our congratulations on finishing ‘upright and smiling’ in our usual JM (and TPW) tradition!

Two notes of interest:

1. Habitat for Humanity – November 27, 2010 – we have nine spots left so ask your family and friends to help out. Email tpw@rogers.com to confirm ASAP.
2. Tuesday, November 30, 2010 – 6:30pm – Our final gathering of the year. Please RSVP to tpw@rogers.com ASAP so that we can get a count. Wear all the medals you earned this year and bring guests who you think might be interested in joining the group.

We are back to High Park for the final two Saturdays in October with an 8:00AM start. Tuesday’s walks (6:30pm) will continue to the end of October at Rosehill Reservoir.

Please continue to come out and support those who are still training for their races – Phyllis for New York (November 7) and Helen, Lorna, Ela, Phyllis and Susan for the Goofy “Marathon and a Half? in early January.

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