A gift of a day…

Saturday was a beautiful day – a gift of a day. High blue skies, no humidity and the occasional breeze – perfect for doing 21K or whatever distance you fancied. And our Power Walkers were out in force – over a dozen for the 7 o’clock start and a few more for 8 o’clock.  Pretty good for a long weekend! We were joined by the crowds setting up and getting into position for Caribana (I know it has another name but who cares, eh?).
The distance was long but the company and the conversation carried us forward. I can never remember all the topics we cover but here are a few: Rogers vs. Bell and how to set up wifi; the heartbreak of seeing a friend coping with early Alzheimer’s; how to prepare for writing your will; the tantalizing aroma of jerk chicken; the beauty of the young and how come we never realized how gorgeous we all were at the time; and, of course, the perfection of the day – our recurring theme.
Breakfast was super delicious after the long walk. I could feel that lovely languid fatigue sinking into my bones as I ate and knew I would be enjoying a nap later on (I did). I ached here and there, as I expect many of my companions did, but I thought ‘Not bad for a woman of a certain age!’. 
That evening my sweetie took me out to a jazz club and as we walked home from the subway I thought there could not have been a more perfect day – made extra special because it was my birthday.

This Tuesday is the last of the hills – we go out with a bang – 10 ups and 10 downs (but just keep thinking about the pizza at the end). See you there.

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