I confess that I love the Toronto Power Walkers in all its guises. There are days when we are training for an event and get together to walk the distance at truly remarkable speeds. There are days when we enjoy talking with our walking partners and then sitting happily with a coffee discussing the latest news. And then there are the days when we really need a warm and caring group to listen to our troubles and help us make important decisions about what comes next in our lives.

TPW is all of that and more. Each walker is a unique individual with needs that vary from day to day. And each of us can count on the others to be there for us whatever the needs might be at any particular moment. A birthday? Put on the silly hat and let people sing to you. A family illness or loss? Someone knows what you are going through and will listen uncritically and patiently.  Need the name of a plumber or renovator? Someone will help you find what you need. And if you just want to enjoy the beauty of the day?  So do many others, no matter how fast or slowly they may be walking.

We don’t need to be anything other than who we are, in the mood or state we happen to be in. What a fortunate and special group of people we walkers are. When we get together next week at CS’s house for the annual pool party, let’s take a moment to celebrate just being us.



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