A day of races

Congrats to all who participated in this weekends races!

Personal bests were achieved, goals met and some amazing first efforts. Congratulations to Lorna and James for completing their first marathon at the ScotiaWaterfront.

Ela completed her first Scotia half and did it with a sub 3 hour time. She is ready for Chicago !! Sherry, Rorie, Leslie and Phyllis all did the half as well and their times were all sub 3 hours ..there may be a few PB’s in the group. After completing the half they joined Sue and Carol who had cheered them in, for brunch and planned their cheering strategy and location to bring in the marathoners!

Both Mary and James had sub 6 hour marathon times. WAY TO GO! It was great to see them out on the course, with great form and lots of smiles. Helen and David completed the marathon, making it their 3rd in 12months!!!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, on the course on Sunday I felt it also applied to marathoners. We got to the start line after months of training and support from our group TPW and our friends and families. On the course we had Rorie, Phyllis, and Ela walking the route with Mary,and Helen until Stadium road (approx 18k) where the marathoners turned south onto Queens Quay. On the way we saw Barbara and Janet cheering us on. It was great to see both of them out there.

Later on the marathon route as we looped, James, David, Mary, Helen and Lorna were able to cheer each other on. The far east section of the course had volunteers we all know, Wendy and Graham with the Stellar runners group. Graham always the coach asked Helen if she was on pace. Wendy walked 2K with Helen and then returned to her volunteer duties. A marathoner wearing a marathon maniacs t-shirt told Helen that the walkers were amazing. So true!

Phyllis and Rorie were out on the course around Parliament awaiting Lorna and Helen’s arrival so that they could walk with them to the finish! Rorie and Helen talked about this being a little like the Chicago finish .Lorna was happy to see Phyllis as she walked the last few kms. Coming up Bay street it was great to see Rosemarie out with her camera. It felt great to see the TPWer’s Carol and Sue at the finish , cheering enthusiastically and full of smiles. Family at the finish is great , whether it is traditional family or the one you have chosen for yourself- our walking family.

Linda and Kathrin represented TPW in Kitchener-Waterloo this weekend at the KW Walking Classic. I am sure they had a lot of fun and we hope to hear all about it soon. Susan B was out there training Saturday and had a PB on her training walk! Way to go Susan. Both you and Ela are going to Chicago well trained and ready to kick some asphalt!

Let us know what you were doing this weekend if you are not mentioned above …..we want to hear from you! Training as usual, see sidebar fordetails. Even if you’re not training for anything, come out and socialize. Some of us are still training and we need company. So much success this weekend ! and it truly would not have happened without the support of our group!

Congratulations to all TPWers!!!!

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