A Colourful Saturday

A little past 6 am the sky was still pitch black as I walked past my car parked at the car dealership. Knowing my body’s resistance to waking up at 5 am instead of 5:30 am I had left my car ( for its’ semi annual check-up) at the dealership the night before. By the time I walked down Keele Street the pitch black sky moved slowly allowing a dark grey colour to walk over the sky. When I entered High Park a blue colour had walked quickly into various parts of the dark grey sky.

It was close to 7 am and Laurel, Ela, Debra, Carol, Sue, Mary,Leslie, James, Barb, Rosemary, Phyllis, Rorie , Sherry and myself ( Susan) all gathered in front of the Grenadier restaurant. We had a quick discussion about who was doing what distance and for what purpose. With the exception of those of us who were not taking part in a half or full marathon, we all chose our distance by whether we were doing the Women’s Toronto Island half, the Scotiabank half or full or the Baltimore/Chicago full.

Soon after the strike of 7 am our bodies started to glide together like the swans floating on the water. We glided in unison around High Park and deliberately moved forward down onto the boardwalk by the waterfront. Then our pace, like the colours in the sky, changed from slow to moderate and for some fast. Westward we moved in various groupings dependent on our pace. We walked by the two divers who emerged from the lake, by the swans, the couple doing Tai Chi on the waterfront, by the condos, around the inner part of the gazebo, by the lighthouse,

Those walking the longer distances continued eastward toward the city, into the crowd of Weekend to End Breast Cancer walkers with their “Breast Cancer is hard; Walking isn’t? T-shirts and finally by the Dragon Boat race. It was a beautiful day.

We chatted under the sky . Some of us wondered how Diane was doing in France and what famous person Helen would see, as she volunteered at the Film Festival. We chatted and walked and walked and chatted. After we had finished our walk most of us had breakfast at the Grenadier and saw Maggie and Shirley.

As I drove my car later that day out of the dealership into the thick of construction, I stopped at a stop light, looked up at the sky and I knew that soon the colours of the sky would change again. A thought came to me. Regardless of the change of colours, just as regardless of our individual paces, those of us who walk the distance resemble that sky. We resemble it because like the sky we will always be there . We, who walk the distance.

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