A busy weekend!

On Saturday morning, over 20 members of the Toronto Power Walkers met at Carol’s charming home.    Everyone brought a dish to share and the food was outstanding and very plentiful.  The conversation, in groups of 3 or 4, was encouraging.  People who had new or gently used walking gear that they no longer used brought it along for a swap.  The clothes that are left will be donated to Minds in Motion in KW, the organizers of a walking half marathon that many of us will be entering this September. 

After mimosas and food, we discussed the club’s plans for the coming year.  We decided to have an optional 8AM start when we move to High Park this summer for those training for half marathons.  This should allow the full marathon trainers and their “half sisters? to finish at closer to the same time so we can have breakfast together.  (This decision may have been influenced by the opportunity to sleep longer on Saturday morning.)
The treasurer (and hostess) indicated that we should have enough funds to hire a trainer for a few sessions this spring.  This news was greeted enthusiastically as many had found the sessions very helpful in improving speed and form.

New members received their hats and Phyllis led a discussion about which races people were planning to enter this year.   Sue collected the fees and waivers.  She also suggested that people who want to walk with the “Tuesday night keeners? during the winter send an email to tpw@rogers.com to be sure that they are included on the email reminder circulated each Tuesday.
On Sunday morning I drove to Burlington for the Robbie Burns 8 kilometre race which is very walker- friendly.  As I parked my car, I discovered Helen and her sister.  We were both pleased to see a friendly face.  Inside the school, we found Mary and a former TPW member who has moved to Burlington, Rosemary.  We admired the Scottish costumes and the fortitude of some short-wearing runners and made our way to the start line to the skirl of bag-pipes.  The weather for the race was so pleasant compared to previous years’ raw wind off the lake.  Mary and Helen finished strongly and were there to urge Rosemary and I across the finish line.  After a fortifying bowl of oatmeal, we all headed home.

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