A busy social and walking week

This past weekend was a very busy one for Toronto Power Walkers with both training and social events.

A small group Mary, Ela, Susan B, James and Helen met at High Park to do their 32K. Congrats to Susan B on a PB for 32K. Sherry did her distance of 22K. She also shared her experience of training for the mini-triathalon she did this year … very inspirational.

There were approx 15 TPW out for the Midsummer Night Race, most of whom wore floral headpieces embracing the spirit of the evening. Special thanks to Phyllis for making our floral headpieces and organizing our group in wearing them. They were certainly popular as some of our group wore them on Sunday too! Congratulations to all who participated Saturday at Midsummer: Phyllis, Rorie, Deb, Diane, Sue C, Laurel, Lorna, Mary G, Linda, Lee, Suzanne, Rosemary, Marcy, Barb, Susan E and Wendy! Special thanks to David for taking such great pictures of the evening! Diane, I am sure you were out there cheering the group on as usual ….we all appreciate your support.

Saturday evening a few of us attended Bob R’s birthday celebration. Four of us had walked 32k that morning so there were NO heels worn. It was nice to meet JM alums to reminisce and share stories. It was a evening to remember, we all knew Bob was special, however, hearing from many different sources just confirmed it. Jean looked fabulous and was wearing great shoes with heels, I might add. More than one woman commented on her great ” sex in the city” style shoes.

Sunday was a day for rest and relaxation unless you were Ela. She “cross-trained” in the pool as most of us paddled about, talking more than swimming. Thanks to Rorie for hosting the TPW pool party. We all enjoyed time spent together in and out of the pool. Great food and drink too.

Tuesday’s hill training this week was well attended. It was cooler than last week so it made the hills a little easier to do. I have to say that Sue and Diane looked as good on the 8th hill repeat as they did on the first. Excellent form … definitely an inspiration!

Check the sidebar for Thursday training notes, and Phyllis’s remarks re Saturday’s training walk (Toronto Island), followed by brunch at The Rectory at 11:30. We are also looking forward to walking and brunching with our fellow walkers from ” The Shorethings”. Can someone talk to the weatherman??

Other happenings this weekend

Marcy is doing the Toronto Women’s 5K. Diane is walking with the group “Bunny’s Babes” in the Underwear Affair. Rosemarie and David are doing the Chocolate Half Marathon in Port Dalhousie.

It looks like the upcoming weekend will be as busy as the previous one.

If you haven’t been out to walk in a while ….come out soon. WE MISS YOU!!!!

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