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I sat down to write today on my (relatively) new computer.  This laptop has a touch screen which is GREAT for playing solitaire, my favourite activity for avoiding what I’m meant to do.  It also has a mouse built into the keyboard.  But this morning when I sat down to work on this blog, I discovered that I have somehow disabled the mouse, making writing surprisingly cumbersome.  So, until I can get to the Geek Squad to figure out what I’ve done, all my messages will be brief.

Yesterday’s walk was about as perfect as it’s possible to be.  It seems that everyone has yielded to the 7AM start time so a large group started out together. The weather was great, not too hot, not too cold, just right!  We walked our 16 kilometres along the lakeshore which took us to the HTO park and back.  I felt very privileged to have one of our better walkers with me all the way, encouraging me and helping me to keep my pace up.  It really does help!
We all managed to get back to breakfast at about the same time.  As usual, we had a free flowing conversation, punctuated by Sue S’s hilarious tale.  If you haven’t heard it, ask.     

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