A bit of this, a bit of that and the importance of stretching…

It was a busy week for TPW starting with last Saturday’s  first in-person business/social meeting in 2 years (thanks P) and wrapping up with a walk under crisp sunny skies this Sat followed by another of our delightful out-door picnics (thanks B).

We are back in race season with 3 TPWs in London and others signed up for various local races (Toronto Marathon/May 1;  Sporting Life 10K/May 8: and the Toronto Waterfront 10K/June 18 as well as an ‘away’ race in Banff in Sept.

Conversations during Saturday’s walk (and my own aches and pains) prompt me to remind everyone of the importance of STRETCHING!  Several of the gang have experienced injuries (who knew Pickle Ball could be dangerous?) or have chronic issues. We tend to overuse our walking muscles and under use others. There is lots of stuff online (see example below) and, of course, the group is the source of knowledge on all things so let’s share what works.

The 3 Best Stretches for Walking

How about we restart doing stretches before we walk and add in some after – everyone invited to contribute! We did agree at our meeting that we would explore some expert training using our TPW reserves. We will start by asking about our regular coach’s availability but are open to other kinds of training suggestions too so bring it on!

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  1. Very good advice Diane, but there is controversy about stretching BEFORE exercising, as our muscles are cold and liable for injury (warming up before exercise is a different thing). As I understand it, it’s much better to stretch after working out.

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