A beautiful weekend and a confession….

I know some of you would prefer it hotter but I am absolutely loving this weather and it is perfect for walking. Saturday saw two waves of Toronto Power Walkers out at High Park – the 7:00ers and the 7:30ers. Good on Helen for doing 32K, the last half on her own. Many of us did 16K and four of us decided 10K was good enough.

A few of our walkers were training on their own …Lorna in Mississauga and Susan B ….who did 24K during the week as she had a family event on the weekend. Phyllis and Rorie were AWOL – living it up in Birmingham AL, and Montreal respectively! If you trained on your own this week, let us know how it went!

A small confession on my part (says Diane) — I let myself have a fairly lazy week last week, using the tiny bit of rain on Tuesday as an excuse to cut short my intervals, a date with my husband as an excuse not to do Thursday (sorry Rorie but the wine was good) and a busy afternoon (and the bad example of the company I was in — you know who you are) to cut short Saturday. And you know, that is okay. We all have our ups and downs, times we love walking and times when it is a chore. But we continue to get out there and that is what counts. So, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been out for awhile, just come out next Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday or all three. We will be there and would love to see you.

A reminder to slather on the sunscreen, keep hydrated and bring along your choice of gels, bars, sports drinks or even real food.

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