A Beautiful Sound

My experience is that while together we – as TPWs – are either chatting about something or supporting whomever is chatting by listening attentively. It seems to be part of who we are as a group.  I love the chattering sound that comes from it.   
We ( meaning more than one ) can chat while eating brunch or dinner. We can chat with eyes closed. We can chat in sub below zero weather. We can chat when it is 30 C. We can chat while patting someone’s dog. We can chat while pointing to something in the tree, all heads moving in the direction of what is being pointed at and without missing a beat continue chatting about a subject that was totally unrelated to whatever was being pointed at. We can chat while doing our laces up. We can chat while stretching. We can chat while doing warm-ups. Very rarely is there just silence. 
How fortunate we are to be in the midst of such a beautiful sound.

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