A beautiful morning for a walk….

Last Saturday morning was absolutely balmy, considering previous days’ temperatures.  (And I had my trusty foot warmers, but probably didn’t need them!)  We had a great turnout, around 13 hardy souls:  great to see Catherine again, she’d been on vacation and walked with Phyllis one Sunday.  We also welcomed Lorisa, who is getting back into athletics and thought she’d give power walking a go.  (Besides, she’s wearing a fabulous, long, black number at the Brazilian Ball!)
It was a bit slippery on the first half of our route, and more than once we steadied ourselves after an unintentional slide.  Once we were on the return trip where the sun was hitting the ground, we were able to make fairly good time.  [Not quite as good as Diane’s group last week, but a very respectable pace.]  And, Rorie and Helen who were more dedicated than the breakfast group (to which I belong) did a second loop.
A few of us chatted again about how great one feels out on the route.  It’s a push sometimes to get out early on a Saturday morning, but the effort always pays dividends.  So, if there are any of you who haven’t been out lately – we understand – but now that the weather’s warming up, join us again and feel the exhilaration of stretching by 9:45am, heading to breakfast and thinking, “I’ve got the whole day ahead!?
The breakfast group met Susan B who was holding the fort.  She is recovering well from her injury and is hoping to begin training in six months’ time.  As always, we chatted about a myriad of things including the Half Marathon in Pittsburgh and our loss of a couple of participants.  If you are interested in joining either of the two teams, and haven’t already responded, please email tpw@rogers.com and your request will be forwarded to Barb DL who’s handling the administration for this trip.
Join the group on Tuesday night that’s become known as the Tuesday Night Keeners – see the sidebar for information.
Note:  Interesting info from Lorna on the number of hits for our blog.  A total of 1784 people from 33 countries have visited our blog, 1300 from Canada, over 200 from the US, and the rest of the list reads like a map of the world.  TPWs are famous!

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