We met at the Ward’s Island ferry for our annual walk on the Islands but this year, as everyone knows, the Islands have been under siege by water and closed to the general public.  But because we had a reservation at the Rectory restaurant we had no trouble getting our tickets for the only ferry in operation and thanks to our ever resourceful TPW members,  even snuck in a family from France who had been previously turned away. The day was beautiful, warm and sunny (no rain!). There was no line-up for tickets and a very small group of people waiting for the 9:45 ferry so it was almost as if we were going to have the Islands to ourselves!  It felt so good to walk around the park and see what’s taken place; while the water is still extremely high in places and there were lots of drainage pipes still in place, there didn’t seem to be too much damage and the Islands remain such a beautiful treasure we are so fortunate to have.   

It was a perfect morning to sit outside on the restaurant patio, amongst the trees, beside the glittering lake, watching the sailboats gliding by, in the company of good friends.  It was a little piece of heaven. 

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