A 90 F (32C) preference in a 36 F(2C) Day

I have the type of body that likes the temperature to be around 90 degrees (that’s about 32C).  Saturday at 10 am, was somewhere about 36 degrees (around  2C).

Don’t get me wrong. The beauty of winter appeals to me.

There are fond memories of winters past I can recall. One of them is, when we lived in Goose Bay, Labrador, climbing up the snow banks onto the roof tops and sliding down. The other is sitting on a sled being pulled by dogs.

 As long as I am bundled up with layers of clothes and my body feels like it is 90 degrees then all is well with me

It is just that in a natural state my body would prefer to be walking in the waters of Panama; one of the few waters I do not have to mentally prepare for prior to entering.

So how do I, with such a body, prepare for the cold?

As I have stated, I bundle up.  I also simply accept it. I have this uncanny ability to accept the things I cannot change. It is one of my greatest attributes. Granted what I accept has to be within a certain moral compass but still I have a lot of resilience when it comes to accepting.
Now this resilience is, I find, quite common among us ‘outdoor walk the distance’ type of people. It was definitely present with our two new walkers who joined us on Saturday. Welcome. Quite an admirable pace.

As I am typing, the birds singing outside my window tell me that spring is soon to come. I accept this on faith because the evidence is not present. Until it does present itself, bundle up to whatever F. or C. you prefer and with acceptance, come and walk the distance with us.  

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