9th year of TPW

The US Presidential election this month reminded me that in January we will be beginning our 9th year together. For Jeans Marines Alum’s  we met as a group for the last time in January 2009. We then began our journey as TPW.
We have grown as power walkers. Improving our techniques and training. We have also been kinder to ourselves recognizing that this is a journey. 
There are many more races and training walks to come. Our friendships are deeper. 
One of the things I love about our group is that we are fun, flexible and welcoming. You can be away for weeks or months even years and you are genuinely welcomed back.  Our goals change each year and for some of us it can be monthly.  The most important goal and one I need to remind myself is to “get out the door?.
I look forward to our end of year gathering at Harbord House and am hoping everyone remembers to wear their race medals .   

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