Saturday was a wonderful day for TPW’ers. We met at Mt Pleasant Cemetery, bright and early for a quick 6K.

Conversation was lively as we shared our plans for the holidays. We were all anxious to enjoy the brunch at Barbara’s. Brunch was hosted by Barbara, Mary and Sherry and they did an AMAZING JOB. Everything was beautiful, very much like a photo spread. The white flowers against the seasonal greenery was lovely and calming. Again the conversation was lively as we moved about the space. We enjoyed a buffet of brunch items, accompanied with mimosas, coffee and tea.

At a very busy time for most of us it was a lovely gift of friendship, as we all enjoyed each others company. Sherry shared details of the TPW trip to Cleveland in May and we all listened as we are very interested a TPW road trip.

A number of the group are interested in doing the full marathon. Definitely a good choice (says Helen who did it last year) as they have a time limit that works for power walkers. Remember that winter training, while fun, is definitely a challenge. When considering which race to do, also remember that you have the support of the group when you train NO MATTER THE DISTANCE. It is always nice to have company and support on the long walks.

A few of us will be out walking on Boxing Day, Saturday December 26 in Mt Pleasant Cemetery. It will be a lovely escape from the business of the holidays. Some walkers will be doing the Resolution 5K Run on Sunday December 27th (instead or in addition to Sat.) Come out and walk off a few pounds, blow off steam…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone

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