Where To Walk?

What a beautiful morning to be outside – wherever you ended up in the city. Some of us headed for High Park, even though there were dire warnings that the traffic would be dreadful, and there would be no way to drive into the park. As intrepid as ever, a good bunch of us got to the park before discovering that the traffic on Lake Shore Blvd was, in fact, a bicycle race. Those are scary vehicles!

The police kept us safe, not letting us across the road until most of the bikes and various official vehicles had passed. Thankfully, no one was mowed down — just a bit miffed. Aren’t pedestrians more important than things with wheels?

High Park seems to think so. While some of us were not too happy that we could not drive into the park, others were enjoying the carless roadways and the now-audible bird song. Something for everyone.

While walking, we talked about all the lovely places the group found to ramble
during the COVID lockdown. Should we revisit some of them in the weeks to
come? Should we alternate between the cemetery and High Park on Saturdays? We may need to take a poll, but in the end, each walker will decide where to walk. The one thing we know for sure is that we will enjoy one another’s company and the beauty of our verdant city.

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